I hate to be a pain but how did you create your custom title screen in rpgmaker 2003, i can't seem to find any tutorials!

Aaa, I drew VR’s title screen in SAI? You can set the title screen in the System tab in the database.

hey, sorry to bother you, but in very retrouvaille, do you ever find out what happened to the missing sister? or you know that house nearby the library where theres only the option to leave; is that expanded on? i was just wondering if i just accidentally missed them when i played it or if you never find out (ps its a super good game, easily the best rm2k3 game ive ever played!! xx)

Aww, thank you very much! :’)

Nah, none of them are really expanded on but I might make a prequel thing in the future and expand on them there? ehghhggh