i really was born to meet you
I'm in love with your art work omg🙊

Thank you very much! <3 


hi im starting up some new commissions and this time im offering $20 full body commissions which will look very much like the examples shown; shading, background (optional) and all! ^9^

all payments will be made through paypal and will be send as AUD (australian dollars) and i will first supply you with a watermarked image, receive the money, they send a non-watermarked image of your commission.

i will not draw

  • nsfw
  • mecha
  • masculine characters

however i will draw

  • OCs
  • anime/manga/game/whatever characters
  • canines
  • furries
  • OC ref sheets

when commissioning, please keep in mind that i have the right to refuse any request as well as the right to not supply a reason!

if you would like something cheaper or something less, please send me an ask/fanmail and we can certainly arrange something

full pictures of examples: 1 2 3 4 5

if youd like to discuss anything in detail everyone is welcome to ask me for my skype

have a nice day! :-)

Took a break from drawing my main ocs and doodled a new one? He doesn&#8217;t have a name yet tho.

Took a break from drawing my main ocs and doodled a new one? 
He doesn’t have a name yet tho.

how do you make faraday wear glasses? i played it but i couldn't figure out how! (also kudos to u for ur awesome game)

Ahh, thank you! I answered this before lol, I guess I should put this in the FAQ;;